Friday, September 21, 2012


Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful. 
John 14:27

The Zentangle challenge this week is to tangle a pinwheel for peace, tying in with an organization that encourages the making of these pinwheels for the International Day of Peace, which is today. I decided to follow the template provided in the post, and do a mandala-type design.

My pinwheel. Crescent Moons, Cubine, and Paradox.
It was definitely a peaceful experience, tangling this pinwheel. I did most of it before bed one night, lights turned down low, listening to peaceful music. Rick and Maria, on Blog Zentangle, noted this week how memory is visual, and that for certain Zentangles they remember exactly what was going on when they were tangling. This is certainly the case with my Zentangle this week. When I look at the pinwheel, all I can think of is the beautiful, worshipful music of Gungor that I tangled to, specifically the song "You Have Me". Take a minute to click the link and experience this song. The following are the lyrics:

Out on the farthest edge
There in the silence you were there
My faith was torn to shreds
My heart out of balance
And you were there

Always faithful
Always good
You still 
Have me
You still have my heart

I thought I had seen the end everything broken
But you were there
I've wandered at Heaven's gate
I've made my bed in Hell
But you were there still

You have me
You have me
You have my heart completely

The lyrics are so simple, yet very moving. Best of all, they indicate the source of true peace: knowing that the Lord of the Universe holds your heart. The greatest feeling in the world.


  1. Incredible, Zach! I'm going to listen to that song! Love the scripture, too. In fact, I'm going to put it on my Facebook status. I think that's a better use of FB than some things I see there! Have a peaceful week!

    1. Please do! All of Gungor's music is amazing. Unlike any I've every heard before. It's the kind of stuff you WANT to put in your head, the words that should be echoing around the brain.

      Great idea! I do that pretty often. Recently I talked to a friend who said the scripture I posted truly spoke to her, and it was exactly what she needed to hear at that moment. God's awesome at stuff like that!

  2. I love, love, love, your tile! It is absolutely positively fantastic!

  3. A beautiful pinwheel and beautiful loving words.

  4. Gorgeous Zach, love the tangles and beautiful how you left the middle parts of the pinwheel white.

    Great :)

  5. beautiful. perfect pattern choices that make the whole tile feel as if it is in motion :) love it.

  6. Wow, this is one of the loveliest tiles I have seen! Its so crisp and clean, great balance of line and tone, and the patterns work really well together. The setting just sets it off. Great stuff.

  7. thank you, Zach. your tangle is beautiful, and your inclusion of verse and song is very special. thank you.