Sunday, April 06, 2014

Churchtime Tangles

I know a lot of y'all are here because of all the Zentangle things I've posted in the past. I haven't done a lot of tangling recently, but I haven't abandoned it altogether, either. I keep a sketchbook that I take with me to church and tangle in. Whenever I look back at a drawing in this sketchbook I can remember the sermon that was preached at the time!

Here are two of my churchtime tangles:

Monotangle with some aura-ing. Simple yet effective, both visually and for the purpose of
 keeping your mind on the speaker and not everything else it could be thinking about!

This one started out as an experiment with the new tangle, Rixty,
as released in the Zentangle newsletter a while back. I like it!
I decided not to shade these - partially because shading is a little too loud for church and partially because I just wanted to leave these as they are.

I hope this gives you some inspiration! What are some unusual places you've chosen to tangle in?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Long Time No See

Thirty thousand page views. I really can't believe it. I leave the blog for eight months and I come back to steady page views, even after all this time! This audience is the best. You - since you're reading this you're the audience - are the best!

I'm just a dude with a little creativity. A few videos (only three!), a bunch of pictures and words. Who'd'a thunk 30,000 people would be interested in that? Thank you ever so much, dear readers!

Now, to catch you up on a few things I've been doing. I'm just about to graduate from my community college with an Associates of Applied Science in graphic design - print media. That means I'm in the midst of my final semester for a while, which also means I'm busy branding, painting, studying, and designing, with only about six weeks to go!

One of my favorite projects to work on so far this semester has been a branding program for a company called Coccinellidae Co. I designed a logo as well as all the collateral (print materials such as business cards, letterhead, postcards and the like) needed for a company. Take a look:

Business cards and buttons - the cards are squattier than
normal business cards on purpose. It's a very mysterious company, so each card has
 a different vintage image as a background. Also see their blog.

Postcards, for mailing out and possibly as Kickstarter awards,
in case the company decides to do a Kickstarter campaign.

Letterhead. A business isn't a business without letterhead, right?
I am pursuing a career as a designer for Disney, so it makes sense to make some Disney designs, right? I've done several Disney pieces, including these buttons (I'm on a button kick this semester! If you have a button make you're done with, I want one SO bad and would gladly take it off your hands!) and a poster:
Just a few snapshots of things I love: Flynn and Rapunzel, Cinderella Castle and the Main Street Station, and Mickey Bars and Dole Whip!

Disney plunked down the giant Sorcerer Mickey hat in front of the beautiful facade of the Great Movie Ride. Lot's of people wish they'd remove the hat, including me. So, I designed this poster, playing off the idiom "old hat" for something, well, old.
I have a painting class this semester too - I've never painted (as in full blown on a canvas with nice paints) before, but I love that this class is required for my major. It's challenging sometimes, but challenge is good. I have two paintings finished so far:

Abstract piece entitled "Soarin'". It was inspired by the orchestral score to the identically named Disney World and Disneyland attraction. 36"x48", acrylic on canvas. 
Expressionist piece entitled "Kingdom Celebration". This one is based on yet another Disney reference, this time Disney's Tangled. 24"x36", acrylic on canvas.

A lot of you are probably wondering if I tangle any more. I do, but with much less frequency than I used to, unfortunately. Although most consider direct eye contact with the preacher on Sunday mornings to be sacrosanct, I've deviated a bit and now tangle in a journal during sermons. I find it helps me to concentrate on the words being spoken, as my brain is less likely to wander. Increased concentration and Zentangling? I call that a win-win!

One of the things I've loved about running this blog is getting to know some great people! I had the chance to meet another reader, New Zealand-based Karen Taylor, who runs a guerilla art blog titled Artshecried. She has beautiful work on her blog - go check it out! She asked me for an interview, which I happily obliged to!

I also wanted to let you guys know that I'll be heading out to work at the Walt Disney World Resort once again through the Disney College Program right after I graduate! I'm terribly excited, as this time around I'll be working in an attractions role. I thought my experience the first time was a once-in-a-lifetime deal, but it turns out to be a twice-in-a-lifetime deal, I guess! God is good!

You'll hear from me again, I promise. It might take another eight months, but you'll hear from me! I may end up posting more to my other blog, College Casted, since Disney is just around the corner, but keep an eye out on this blog too.

Until next time, friends, keep designing and creating!