Sunday, April 06, 2014

Churchtime Tangles

I know a lot of y'all are here because of all the Zentangle things I've posted in the past. I haven't done a lot of tangling recently, but I haven't abandoned it altogether, either. I keep a sketchbook that I take with me to church and tangle in. Whenever I look back at a drawing in this sketchbook I can remember the sermon that was preached at the time!

Here are two of my churchtime tangles:

Monotangle with some aura-ing. Simple yet effective, both visually and for the purpose of
 keeping your mind on the speaker and not everything else it could be thinking about!

This one started out as an experiment with the new tangle, Rixty,
as released in the Zentangle newsletter a while back. I like it!
I decided not to shade these - partially because shading is a little too loud for church and partially because I just wanted to leave these as they are.

I hope this gives you some inspiration! What are some unusual places you've chosen to tangle in?

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