Monday, September 17, 2012

A Whatsit and a Blog Schedule

Hi everyone! Sorry for the blog silence last week. I got sick and didn't get enough done that weekend on the blog, so I just decided to take the week off. I'm (almost!) back to 100%, and I'm ready to go!

I've also decided to make a change with my posts. I have been posting pictures of my random projects on Mondays, What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday posts on (obviously) Wednesdays, and the last few weeks I've been posting my Zentangle tile for the Diva's Weekly Challenges on Fridays. With school and such going on, I've decided to cut out the Wednesday posts and stick with random projects on Mondays and Zentangle on Fridays. Maybe I'll do WOYWW over the summers or just every once in a while, we'll see.

Well, today is Monday so you're probably wondering what random project I've been working on. I have several in the works, but for this post I'm going to challenge you with another Weekday Whatsit!

Whatsit (n):
A black and white photographic image, usually taken very close-up, mysteriously depicting an everyday object. See example below.

Now that you know what a Whatsit is, you might be wondering what you're supposed to do with it! The idea is to guess what everyday object is depicted in the picture, and to post your guess. I will wait a week and post the correct answer then.

If you'd like to see the previous images and their answers, see Post 1, Post 2, and Post 3.

Get guessing!

*Update: 9/24/12*
Ooooh, no correct guesses this time around! Maybe some of the objects I consider everyday and normal are not so to everyone. Or perhaps there are many different styles of this thing, and no one has one just like this one. Enough teasing - if you'll imagine a drumroll in your head...thank you...and the answer is: an egg separator! This one happens to be spiral shaped, and is indeed made from wire.

So, I just searched for a picture online, and I found out that this is a vintage design. They don't make them like this anymore! I did find one just like mine on Ebay - take a look. I guess that explains it, then. Oh well, it made a nice photograph!


  1. I think it's one of your design tools - one of those bendy things for drawing curves, HOWEVER it looks a bit shiny for that so my final answer is
    Hope you continue to improve.
    Paula (PEP)

    1. Good guesses! It seriously does look like a stove/kettle element. If I didn't know better, that's what I would guess too! Thanks for the comment!