Monday, September 24, 2012

Love at First Byte

Being away for so long, I forgot what I missed: the beautiful curves, the wondrous mystery, the infinite opportunities for exploration. Her dainty lines, marvelous colors, and fabulous shapes. Don't worry, it's not what you're thinking! I'm praising the attributes of a computer program, known as Adobe Illustrator.

My relationship with Illustrator began last year when I started college, and its interface came naturally to me. It is similar to other programs I'd used before, so that helped a lot in the learning process. I went through the summer saving up for a laptop to run the program on, and then for the program itself. Finally, just last week, I made the big purchase and downloaded the Adobe Creative Suite, featuring both Illustrator and Photoshop, among other programs. My mind is now aboggle (a word I just made up; kind of like aflame or anew) with the opportunities I now have at my fingertips. From clever photo editing to business card design, the projects are now an endless flow. Currently I'm working on a logo for the blog - I think it's going to be great!

I want to show you something I designed using Illustrator. In computer illustration class, we were assigned to produce a poster for a big band dance event, entitled "Spring Swing". Part of the challenge was to incorporate at least five images - as you can see I used a guitar, saxaphone, trumpet, trombone, and piano (the middle circle could also be interpreted as a drum for a sixth image!).

I really enjoyed this project! It fell together surprisingly smoothly, and while there are a few rough areas that could be smoothed out a little, I like the way it turned out. 

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