Monday, August 06, 2012

Weekday Whatsit #3

Hello, Whatsiteers! I have a new Weekday Whatsit image for y'all to guess, to see if you can hit the nail on the head...

Here's what's up: the photo above is of an everyday object. It might not look like it immediately, but I'm fairly certain most people have one of these in their home. The photo is extremely close up and turned black and white - obscuring its identity. I ask you, dear Whatsiteer, to guess what the object it is. If you want an idea of what my Weekday Whatsit has been in the past, check out this post. I'll update you in about a week with the answer. Now go through your brain-files and make an image match playing the Weekday Whatsit!

*Update: 8/17/12*

It's time to reveal the Whatsit! I cropped the image a lot, so I wanted to show you the uncropped version:

Do you know what it is now? If you're thinking nail file (A.K.A. emery board), you're correct! I had to get the lighting just right to pick up the wonderful texture that makes this common object so useful. Thanks for your guesses, Whatsiteers, and check back soon for a new image.


  1. the edge of some type of brush? best guess would be one of those you find in a shoe shine kit.

  2. Replies
    1. Very close - same texture and almost same use!