Thursday, August 02, 2012

Guerilla Art - Experiment #002

It's time for another experiment in Guerilla Art! If you missed the first one, see Guerilla Art - Experiment #001.

This time I thought out of the bottle and enclosed my experiment in a diminutive folder. A set of colored pencils hangs, stapled, to the front.

Inside you'll find two sheets of vintage paper, one with the following instructions:

Experiment #002: Personal Color Association

In this experiment we will examine how you associate with color. To begin, take out the Observation Chart and set of six colored pencils. (both of these provided). Place them near your bed. Each night, before going to bed, select a color of pencil that best represents your day. Perhaps you worked in the garden all day and got brown dirt all over you, so you choose the soil brown pencil. Maybe you were happy from morning to night, so you choose the cheerful yellow color. Or you wore your favorite red shirt, so you pick the red pencil. Once you decide the color for the day, take that pencil and fill in one box on the chart for that color. Repeat each night before bed, choosing a color to represent the day and filling in a box until you have filled all 286 boxes.

You will then have earned the title of Exemplary Color Associator, which you may add to your resume, business card, and email signature.

May you scientific journey be fruitful,

Prof. Z.
Front of instruction sheet.
Back of instruction sheet.
Observation Chart.
All nestled together. It just needs some color!

Like my previous experiment, I intend to leave this out in the wild, in some public place for a stranger to find and hopefully enjoy. A few questions to you, the reader: What would your reaction be if you found this piece? Would you complete the experiment? If you were in my place, where would you put it for another to find? Would you be interested in participating in a weekly guerilla art challenge?

 If you found my piece, I want to hear from you! What do you think of it? Have you started the experiment? Will you complete it? Has it caused you to think differently than you normally would? Your feedback could be very helpful for future experiments...


  1. Great idea! I love the vintage paper instructions! I think I would grab it up in a moment and try to do it, though I might not follow through just because...well, that's the way I roll, lol!
    I did this with books for a little while, but the whole process was a little too complex and I didn't do it correctly so I got no feedback. Hopefully you'll hear back from whomever finds your interesting experiment packet!

    1. I actually took those vintage papers from the book I'm using for the illustration work! Originally I was going to do a larger grid so there were fewer squares, but I thought it looked better with more squares. It'll be an accomplishment to actually fill in all the squares...

      I'll have to see what type of interest there is for guerilla art. I'm not really sure where all the guerilla artists hang out online, otherwise I'd put it to them. I'll have to do more checking...

  2. This is a really fun idea! Although 286 days is a long time to do something (at least for me!). This project makes me think of doing a similar thing for people who write in a journal or diary every night. They could pick a color that represents their day and write and decorate their page in shades of that color. I might do something like that when I start homeschooling my kids in September. Thanks, Zachary!:)

    1. I agree - that's why, after 286 days, you get the revered title "Exemplary Color Associator"!

      Journaling a color sounds like a great idea too! God bless you in your homeschooling!