Monday, August 13, 2012

Sabbatical Doubles

Well, bloggers, I just got back from vacation - it was so nice to refresh before the impending start of school! Just two more weeks of summer for me...very bittersweet. I'm ready to be back in school, but I also don't want the summer to end. I'm going to play things by ear blog-wise as I get into the fall semester. My continued regularity of blogging will depend largely on how my class load is, and whether I make anything blog-worthy in those classes!

Over the trip I took lots of pictures. They aren't your average vacation snapshots, though (but don't worry, I got some of those too!). They are double or triple exposures. To break up those long car rides en route to our destinations each day, I took my camera out and, right through the glass in the backseat of the car, photographed the scenes zipping by. I concentrated on finding interesting shapes, figures, and wording. I'm currently Photoshop-less, so I had to do the multiple exposures in-camera, shooting some interesting things and hoping for the best to turn up on the screen. I definitely went for a dreamy, lo-fi look as opposed to technically perfect technique. After all, how are you supposed to get a non-blurry image in the back of a moving car? The vintage feel was further enhanced by some creative filters. I really like the results, as it chronicles moments of the trip. Take a look:
My favorite! I have no idea what that swirly white
 thing is, but I love it!

I think the gracefully curving lines of overpasses are so beautiful.
 Strange but true!

Know what type of car has that excellent curved door?
I'd like to know if you do!

Lines. Yum.

Giant blue gorilla! Ahhh!

Floaties framing the water fall.

Awesome road signs. I like the boldness of these signs.

Another one of my favorites of a statue against a brick wall.

More awesome signs. See how the tread of the tire merges
 with the arrow in the sign?

Color color! That blue strip up top was caused by the blue
sun-blocking strip of glass on the car windshield.

An overpass becomes a motion blur.

The most abstract photograph.
 Clouds, a wheel, and a car view photo make up this image.

I was surprised when the orange sign
 aligned with the building's roof!
More overpass curves and the addition of some faces.
 A little creepy, but I still enjoy it.

Motorcycle on the brain.

I think this looks like several horizontal planters with shrubbery
 growing in them. Those planters are actually a parking garage,
and the shrubbery is a vine-covered wall!

The nose, silhouetted.
A golden afternoon.


Upside down?

There you go! I'd love to know what you think - leave a comment with your favorite image(s).

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  1. I love the giant blue gorilla with his rubber ducky flotation device! You should get together with my son. He loves doing this sort of photography! I'm starting school in two weeks also. Hoping to become one of the world's oldest nurses. ;) I'll probably do a lot less blogging as well, though I'd like to check in on a few favorite blogs now and then. Thanks for sharing these very intriguing photos!