Thursday, July 19, 2012

Zentangle Philharmonic

Zentangle Ensembles are groups of Zentangle tiles (usually four or six) with a string drawn across the tiles while they were arranged in a square, allowing them to fit together like a puzzle. See the Zentangle blog's Ensemble post.

I started a four tile ensemble over a year ago, completed one tile, and never went back to it. As I organized my tangling supplies last week I found the tiles already strung for an ensemble and decided to get back to it. I completed one tile yesterday, so that leaves two to tangle. 

According to

Ensemble - the united performance of an entire group of singers, musicians, etc.

I like this musical definition of ensemble. If done solo, an ensemble is the united performance of a group of tiles, tangles, and, most simply, lines. I've also seen ensembles where each tile is done by a different artist, and in that case the performance is actually by a group of tanglers, coming together to symphonize with the instruments of pen and pencil. Instead of sending sound waves through air, they utilize light waves in their orchestration.

Here's the one I did yesterday.
I love the itty-bitty Paradox on the corner of Auraknot.

Here's the tile I did over a year ago.
 You can see the tangle Pepper, which didn't come out exactly how I envisioned.
 So I added dots to the center and it became more flower-ish
 as opposed to pepper-minty. How fun!
I also wanted to show the string I drew.
I remembered this halfway through tangling the second tile,
but you get the idea.
The ensemble, with the now completed corner.
I'll shade these once I finish inking the last two.


  1. This is great, Zach! I'd never heard of Zentangle ensembles, but it's a captivating idea. I look forward to seeing this when you complete it!

  2. This looks like it will be terrific when done! I especially like how your Gingham is so wavy. I just completed 2 of the ensemble sets I bought at the Zentangle store and used Gingham, too. I'm selling them at a craft fair this weekend. (Will post pics on my blog on next week's Diva Challenge:) Take Care!