Monday, July 16, 2012

Rock the Block

If you have been in a craft store recently, you have probably noticed those glass crafting blocks they are carrying. I've seen some really cool stuff done with these, from lamps to dioramas, nearly enticing me to give in and pay the $10 these guys are going for ($20.00 on Amazon!). I'm glad I didn't fall for one, though, because last week my dear mother found a couple at a garage sale for $2! I started playing with it, not really intending to turn out a finished project without considering all the options and possibilities of the block form.
I put in a gold metal deer just for fun, but decided the deer needed some stuff to "walk" in. I tore up old book pages as confetti for the base of the block, and sprinkled in some vintage postage stamps. Then I thought it needed something hanging from the top. I grabbed some treasures - ooooh, chain leftover from another project! That'll be perfect! Get out the jump rings and needle nose pliers. Very interesting. But it needs about hanging this key too? Change the anchor points to here and here...I could use one of those hanger clips! And that metal keyhole! This deer really isn't working with all the hanging things, take him out, he must go. It doesn't pop - perhaps I should add a background. Square just doesn't work, it must be shaped. There, finished!

I really thought this would be a project for another time, but inspiration struck like a lightning bolt, and I just went along with the blaze. I like how this turned out. That sense of a pocket of empty space enclosed in glass beckoned me to fill it, utilizing up and down, forward and back. 

I used many Tim Holtz products (Hanger clips, ruler ribbon, a keyhole, several sprocket gears, and paper from his paper line), some random findings (ribbon, jump rings, jewelry chain), and some actual vintage items (book pages, postage stamps, and a key).
Hanging from chain...
...above the book pages and postage stamps.

You may be wondering how I got these things to hang inside the block. I used the stopper for the block's hole to anchor the jump rings attached to the chains.
Top view. See the hole stopper?
Close up of the stopper. I had to punch some holes
 with an awl for the jump rings to go through.
If I remove the stopper the hanging embellishments will be lifted out with it so I can easily modify the hangers.
This was a very interesting project, probably one of the first I've done to incorporate gravity as an integral element (It probably wouldn't work quite as well in outer space!). If you want a fun new project, try a Krafty Blok - they're "clearly" inspiring!


  1. Never seen these before. Very cool!

    1. They're square! Are you thinking what I'm thinking? :-)

  2. Love your post! We shared it with our fans on facebook and twitter! Thanks for sharing your KraftyBlok project!