Friday, December 21, 2012

Dance, Dance, Yeah!

Laura Harms, the Diva over at the I am the Diva blog, is celebrating this week! It marks the two year anniversary of the Zentangle challenges she brings us every week, and the 100th such challenge. Congratulations, Laura!

As an extra special treat, Rick and Maria created a special tangle for the occasion, called Diva Dance. It comes in several variations, including Waltz, Foxtrot, and Rock N' Roll. I love the analogy to dancing! You start with lines, and on the downbeat you add a weight. Weight two three, weight two three. Just like a dance.

Here is my tile:
Tangles used: W2, Jonqal, Hollibaugh, and Diva Dance.
I really enjoyed watching the Waltz unfold as paper danced with pen. With Christmas lights all around, I couldn't resist the opportunity to make a bokeh background. Dancing lights and dancing lines.

Thank you, Diva, for presenting a new challenge each week! I have enjoyed being a part of this community, and am blessed by the welcome I have received. Thanks to everyone who has commented with such lovely words of encouragement. 

Proverbs 25:11
Like apples of gold in settings of silver
Is a word spoken in right circumstances.


  1. Gosh...I am the first to comment! BUT many will follow. We have been waiting for you Zach. I save every one of your Zentangles. I adore this one.
    And I posted the Fox Trot on mine yesterday. I know I should get into the challenge. Maybe in the New Year! I wish that somewhere in the post you would identify the tangle patterns you use (like Margaret Bremner). I don't always do it, but I try to remember to. Your shading is SO precise. Are you using Fabriano Tiepolo paper or something else?

    1. Thank you! I love your birthday card - so many tangles!

      What do you mean, I did post the tangles I used :-)
      Just kidding. I just updated the post with the tangles. I usually do that, but having such a long break has dislodged a few things from my head... Thanks for reminding me!

      I use the Zentangle tiles which are Fabriano Tiepolo. I purchased a big sheet to use in my sequel to Zentangle in Motion - I love this paper! It's the best!

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. A delightful tangle...I love your style!

  3. I love your elegant tile and looks like 3D with the shadow. Thanks for share!

  4. Beautiful as always! and I love how you incorporate gorgeous backgrounds to compliment your artwork :)

  5. What else can I say all the commenters before have said the words I wanted to say about this absolutely beuautiful tile. Ans as alwasy the way you take the photo is unique, and gives it a real Chritmas appearance. Have a nice time

  6. yes! i love the bokeh! this is beautiful, zachary!

  7. Glad to see you posting again. Like the different textures of your tangles and as always love the presentation.

  8. Sensational's a sparkling delight!

  9. So beautiful, as I first looked at your tile, I saw a caterpillar. I don't know if you did draw one, but I love the thought of it, because one day it will be a butterfly!
    Merry Christmas

  10. I thought of you on Friday when I taught my final class, Zach - I begin classes with your video and everyone loves it. It is fun to follow you - keep up the stunning work.