Friday, November 09, 2012

Trying On a New Socc

Socc. A tangle born of an "ah-ha" moment. Wonderfully light and puffy. And the tangle chosen to be the Diva's weekly challenge this week.

You may have noticed that when I try a new tangle, I always exclaim over how much I enjoyed it. When I say that, I mean it! It's one of my quirks - I really like to try new things. Tangles, food, music, experiences, hobbies, etc. As long as it isn't directly harmful to my health or out of line with my convictions, I'm game. Last weekend I tried fried alligator and calamari. That was fun! This weekend I'm going to try studying, for my first time. Okay, not really. It will be something along the lines of my four-millionth time. But hey, I've never studied four-million times before, so I guess it really is something new to try!

Now you know that when I say I had a blast tangling Erin Olson's tangle Socc, I am absolutely sincere. I didn't fill in the middles of the sections like Erin does, and I think next time I use Socc I'll do that. I tried to get a fading out effect, where the lines that form Socc become lighter at the edges. Cubine got in on the fading action too. Not sure how successfully I pulled it off, but it is what it is. Take a look:
Tangles used: Cubine, Ix, Auraknot, Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Paradox, and, of course, Socc.
I got some funny stares from passersby as I took this photograph. I just tried to look like I knew what I was doing, and that it was perfectly normal for someone to crouch on the ground with an optical light-recording device pressed to one's face. Yup. Normal as seeing Bigfoot in pink and purple polka dot footy pajamas (I love the fact that spell check made me capitalize Bigfoot!).

At least I was able to find a manhole-type cover that wasn't in the middle of a street! That would have been interesting...

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  1. Your tile is very beautiful! I would have loved to be there when you were making this photo.

  2. always enjoy your tiles-they have a very professional look (mine still look very amateurish ).
    And, really, really am enjoying your inventive display sites

    this stile is no exception, love the tangle choices, and the "overflows" to the edges

  3. The fact that there is not a "correct" way to do the tangles is one of the things that I really like about this art form. You can experiment and if you like it, do it some more, but if not go on to something else. Not filling in the center gives a different unique look that is great. Like the manhole cover background - a pattern under a pattern.

  4. Beautiful and your tile shots are always wonderful! Nice job!

  5. That manhole cover is the perfect texture and color to show off your gorgeous tile. Beautiful!

  6. Wonderful! I love how you have displayed it next to an amazing backdrop - it really stands out amongst the rustic colours of the pavement :)

  7. The textures in your tile are equally as beautiful as the textures in the surroundings your found for the background!

  8. Your tiles are incredible and I love the creative way you photograph your work. I enjoy following your blog and am always looking to see what you come up with next!

  9. Your tile is terrific, and is set off so nicely by the setting! Very interesting and you've got me thinking more about display for my own zentangles, and even more, my other crafts.... hummmm. Love this!